Curated by Philipp Cron

We will open Cabaret Voltaire for the examination of sound: Theatre of Sound.
We will initiate the examination of sound through performance.
We will form the Theatre of Sound as a loud stage, as a silent club, as a digital concert venue, as an analog performance hub and as a rhythmic circus.
Theatre of Sound is performing Sound-performing performance.
We want composition to incorporate the presence of the physical: movements, gestures, voice, scenography, computers and synthesizers.
We seek appreciation of live-ness in its immediacy.
We accept sound as decisive element.
We must fruit the loops.
We must loop the free.
We must be seated.
We must be in motion.
We must listen.
We must feel.
We must cherish moods.
We need to get lost in moods.
We need moods as a gateway to transcendent transients.
We want sound to introduce us to new worlds, beyond major and danger, like a strolling drone.
We must reminisce about the future of sound.
We must not look for explanation in sound, but for visions.
So Eden sank to grief, so dawn goes down to day. Nothing old can gourmet.



Philipp Cron (*1989 in Zurich/CH, based in Zurich(CH)


Cron is a composer and musician. He holds a BA in Music and Media-Art from the University of Arts in Bern and studied Art History and Musicology at the University of Zurich. From 2012 to 2014 he was an independent journalist and event manager. In 2017 Cron curated «Soirées Musicales» at Cabaret Voltaire an experimental plattform at the interface of performance and electronic music.


Janiv Oron (*1975 Tel Aviv/ISR, lives and works in Basel/CH)


is member of the Goldfinger Brothers, performer, composer of electronic music, and active in different formations. He fosters an independent artistic outlook set within a framework of collective and interdisciplinary working relationships. These experiments result in creations of electronic music. Focussing on the development of timbre and texture, Oron creates exquisite drones that give an insight in his improvisatory sensibility and dig deep into the potentials of modular synthesis.
Presentations (selection): Oper Schauspielhaus Graz, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Teatro Arriaga Bilbao, Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy


Chinonyeelu Uchech Amobi (*1984, Alabama/US, lives and works in Richmond/VA)


was born to Nigerian parents. Chino Amobi – alongside his counterparts, Congolese-Belgian, Nkisi, and Portuguese-South African, Angel Ho – forms «NON»: a collective of African artists, and of the diaspora, using sound as their primary media, to articulate the visible and invisible structures that create binaries in society, and in turn distribute power.
Presentations (selection): Boiler Room MoMA New York, Knockdown Center New York, Berghain Berlin, CTM Festival Berlin, Unsound Krakov


Jimena Cugat (*1986 in Caracas/VEN, based in Zurich/CH)


finished her studies majoring in architecture in 2008 and started working in the areas of scenography and set design. She collaborated as assistant set designer in the short film «Hibernation», which was shown at various international festivals throughout 2012/2013. Subsequently she worked as a scenographer at the Volksbühne Berlin for the theatre group SIGNA in the production of Club Inferno. 2013 she assisted Sabrina Winkler for stage and costume design in the production of Markus Gerber’s «Mountain Glory» at Gessnerallee Zurich. In the 2013/14 season she was assistant scenographer at the Konzert Theater Bern. Shows (selection): Fabriktheater in Zurich; Konzert Theater Bern; Grosse Halle Reitschule Bern.


Annie Rüfenacht (*1988 in Bern/CH, based in Bern/CH)


is a composer and musician. She holds a MA degree in Sound Arts from the University of Arts Berne. Her work oscillates between different genres. Her main areas include sound collages, compositions for live electronics and traditional instruments, as well as film scores. In the group Berg&Berg she is on stage as a singer.
Shows (selection): Ruhrtrienale, Ruhr region; Luzerner Theater; Theater Bern; Theater Basel.


Emre Sarigöl (*1983 in Istanbul/TR, based in Zurich/CH), aka Fezaya

is an experimental electronic musician from Istanbul, currently based in Zurich. Since an early age he has been engaged in improvised musical practices. He uses improvisation in his voltage-driven sonic experimentations, where he creates patterns by use of analogue circuits that intervene and mix into one another. Throughout his sessions, he generates sonic structures that swing between drone, noise, polyrhythms and soundscapes, combining analogue and modular electronics and live instruments.


Sally Schonfeldt (*1983 in Adelaide/AU, based in Zurich/CH)


is a Zurich-based artist who was born in Adelaide, Australia. Using the discursive field as a foundation, she creates spatial environments that open up informative, contemplative situations which seek to enact enigmatic modes of experience within the production and reception of knowledge. The thematic focus of her work is the generation of alternative possibilities to interact with history and the construction of new narratives in juxtaposition to accepted cultural orders. Sally is also concerned with notions of memory and the tension between the subjective and objective experience of it – both within a personal and public context.
Shows (selection): «Plattenstrasse 10» (2014), Shedhalle Zurich and Helmhaus Zurich; «The Ketty», La Rocca Research Centre, Istituto Svizzero di Roma (2015): «The Struggle within the Struggle», Up State, Zurich (2015); «These remains will never return», Swiss Art Awards, Basel (2016); «We Demand!», Les Complices, Zurich (2016).


Juice & Rispetta


Shows (selection): «Tejo Techno», Kunstvlaai Amsterdam (2017), Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam/NL (2017); «Zines», Museo Jumex, Mexico City (2016); «How To Waste Time», Kunstverein Zürich and Manifesta, Zurich (2016); «Recipe Report III», Museo Jumex, Mexico City (2015); «Clusters», Sonnenstube, Lugano (2016); «Recipe Report II», Museo Musica, Bologna/IT (2016); «Rantanplan», Urgent Paradise, Lausanne (2015); «Heavy Metal Matinée», Schwarzwaldallee, Basel (2015); «Mindmaps», Plattform 14, Zurich (2014); «Pizza Hotline», Die Diele, Zurich (2014).
The three members are: Olivier Rossel (*1977 in Biel-Bienne/CH, based in Biel-Bienne/CH and Basel/CH) is artist and publisher, Marcel Freymond (*1983 in Biel-Bienne/CH, based in Biel-Bienne/CH and Zurich/CH) is artist and graphic designer, and Johannes Willi (*1983 in Basel/CH, based in Basel/CH and Bogotá/CO) is artist and knife-maker.


Olivia Hyunsin Kim (*1987 in Siegen/DE, based in Berlin/DE)


works as a choreographer and performance artist in Frankfurt, Berlin and Zurich. As «ddanddarakim» she collaborates with different artists. She is currently working on the series «MeMe», which reflects on exoticism, focusing on non-white «different» bodies. The first part «she came, she saw, she said: meme» had its premiere at the «Tanztage Berlin» in 2016 and was nominated for the «Ponto Performance» prize. Together with the second part of «she came, she saw, she said: meme» her work was shown in Mousonturm Frankfurt, Sophiensaele Berlin and ada Studio/Uferstudio Berlin. 2016 she formed The
Kill Joys together with Magda Drozd.


Magda Drozd (*1987 in Warsaw/PL, based in Zurich/CH)

has produced works at the Gessneralle Zurich and Fabriktheater Berne. She has shown her performances nation-wide in various off-spaces. She is an inherent part of the free theatre and art scene in Switzerland and is active as a performer, theatre producer and artist in different constellations. 2016 she formed The Kill Joys together with Olivia Hyunsin Kim.


Leo Hofmann (*1986 in CH/DE, based in Bern/CH and Hamburg/DE)


creates and plays works in music theatre, sound performances and experiments with a radio-drama character. His music examines voice, movement and technic in a playful way. His works were shown in numerous international festivals in Germany, England, Denmark, Greece, Austria, Kenya and Switzerland.
Shows (selection): Künstlerhaus Faktor, Hamburg; Teater Refleksion, Aarhus; Goethe Institut Nairobi; Konzerthaus Berlin.