School of Dada

Art Education for Schools
Cabaret Voltaire’s education program “School of Dada” has developed teaching material for schools. The material is made available in cooperation and with the support of the National Museum Zurich. Students will gain a deeper understanding and insight into the Dada-Movement by doing workshops and taking part in guided tours offered by the National Museum Zurich or by Cabaret Voltaire. The Dada-Adventure-Theme-Trail will enable students to familiarize themselves with Dada.

As a Dada themed guide and “Text for Dada-Beginners” we published the Dada Hand Buch.

In order to expand the participation in this field of art education, we will further continue this broad art education program with bi-weekly Dada City Tours by our professional guides.

Thank you!
The Education program “School of Dada” was realized thanks to the generous support of Foundation USM and Elsa von Sick Foundation.