With the slogan «Fun & Fury!» we explore performance art. We question the latest performance art trend, we verify the position of Cabaret Voltaire within the history of performance art and investigate what significance and importance performance art has or can have.

If we look at the history of performance art we see that it was formed by «Fun & Fury!». With fury, you fought for art and your conception of art. You got into quarrels and brawling about different views. With fun, you promoted your views to the other and played with utopias. Your own play you defended with furious fun. You raged against and got in dialogue with the other.
You cultivated an open and sincere opposition with «Fun & Fury!». You formed the future with historical awareness and went further.
With «Fun & Fury!», whole worlds of imagination and fantasy were created.
You were vulgar, playful and visionary. You were revered or banned and wrote another chapter in the story that is called history.
You were bold and dared «to boldly go where no woman or man had gone before».

Corporate Identity

by Iván Martínez (MX)

Following the slogans «Fun & Fury!» and «Loop & Bounce!» graphic designer Iván Martínez developed a new corporate identity for Cabaret Voltaire. He not only formed a new logo but invented a new graphic system and created a new typeface for the visual appearance of Cabaret Voltaire.