15.03.2018 - 01.01.1970 (jeweils 19:00 - 20:30)

Performance Art (as) Theory #1: Branislav Jakovljević

«Walter Who?: The End of Art or the End of the Artist?», in English

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22.03.2018 (18:30 - 20:00)

Wissen in Gesellschaft #14: Menschenrechte

Diskussion mit Prof. Dr. Anne Peters (Max Planck Institut / Heidelberg / Gast am ZGW).

26.03.2018 (19:00 - 20:30)

Buchpräsentation «Ida Lupino: Die zwei Seiten der Kamera»

Ein Runder Tisch mit Elisabeth Bronfen, Johannes Binotto, Fabienne Liptay und Hannah Schoch mit einem Screening von „No. 5 Checked Out“ (1956, 30 Min.) und einer Einführung von Ivo Ritzer, anschliessend Apéro und Buchverkauf.

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29.03.2018 (20:00 - 21:30)


Mit Charles Lewinsky, Romeo Meyer, Tobias Fend und Jan Rutishauser.

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16.04.2018 (19:00 - 20:30)

Körperarchiv #3: Suse Wächter

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17.04.2018 (19:00 - 21:00)

Word Up!: «Great Thinker 5: Gayatri Spivak»

Lecture and Conversation by and with Gayatri Spivak (IN)

Curated by Hayat Erdoğan (DE)


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26.04.2018 (20:00 - 21:30)


Mit Suzanne Zahnd, Amina Abdulkadir, Remo Zumstein und Gerhard Meister

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30.04.2018 (20:00 - 20:45)

Theatre of Sound: «Studies for one Disklavier piano»

Soundinstallation / Dance / Performance by Janiv Oron (IL)
Curated by Philipp Cron (CH)

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07.05.2018 (19:00 - 20:30)

Körperarchiv #4: Karol Radziszewski

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22.05.2018 (20:00 - 21:00)

Theatre of Sound: «Chino Amobi - live»

Performance / Concert by Chino Amobi (US)

Curated by Philipp Cron (CH)

04.06.2018 (19:00 - 20:30)

Körperarchiv #5: Aleida Assmann, Diana Taylor und Rebecca Schneider

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07.06.2018 (19:00 - 20:30)

La joie qui vient (About the Joy)

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Carlos Amorales opens the sublime retrospective «Axiomas para la acción»

Cabaret Voltaire in the MUAC

Last Saturday, February 10th, Carlos Amorales (MX) opened the impressive exhibition «Axiomas para la acción» at MUAC in Mexico City, presenting 22 years of his work. Starting from the moment, when he re-subjectivized himself with a Lucha Libre mask, the show presents very prominently the «Learn to Fuck Yourself» drawings as original guaches and a film, Amorales edited out of the «Cyclops» concert he performed with Enrique Arriaga (MX) and Philippe Eustachon (FR) in Cabaret Voltaire on September 1st, 2017, to launch the first «Fun & Fury!» performance season. 

This coproduction of Estudio Amorales and Cabaret Voltaire presents todays Cabaret Voltaire as a new legendary place.

Cabaret Voltaire is very proud to be in this important show!